Dakota Plains Gallery

Dakota Indian Foundation believes that education and economic opportunity will help individuals overcome poverty and oppressed conditions on reservations.

In October 2012, the Foundation opened the Dakota Plains Gallery and Gift store to support Dakota and Lakota artisans throughout South Dakota. In addition to purchasing artwork, the Gallery serves as an outlet for artisans to “tell their story” through their art.

A few of the artists are already established and even considered successful, while still for many, their craft is the only way that they can support their families. With virtually no outlets to market their work and a local economy that cannot sustain collection development, the Dakota Plains Gallery provides a critical outlet for tribal artists.

“Every purchase is a donation that is fed back into the
budget to promote economic development.”

The Dakota Plains Gallery provides a venue for artists to showcase and market their work. Dakota Plains Gallery also features artists who provide gallery talks, cultural classes, storytelling and author signings.  

     Reading & Book Signing by Author, Joseph Marshall III